About Lil Farm Boy

Lil Farm Boy is a 5,999 NFT PFP collection in Ethereum with an exclusive community crazy about art, web3 and AI - while offering tools for its holders. It is a story about you, who at some point, were undervalued and unappreciated for your passion at your current environment, who needed someone and somewhere to belong to. Come explore and grow with an amazing community that appreciates. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery with the Lil Farm Boy and our community.

Here are 4 things you should know about:

  • Lil Farm Boy

  • Cotlin

  • Innovart

  • Lil Pass

The 5,999 Unique Collection

Vision Board to Innovart



What chain will the Lil Farm Boy NFTs be on?

Ethereum using the ERC-721A token standard

How many traits in total do the NFTs have?

There are 300+ traits waiting to be discovered!

Who owns the IP of the Lil Farm Boy NFTs?

We decided to give the owner of the NFT their IP rights for them to have freedom over their digital asset and be able to create more exciting pieces and merchandise with it.

There will be 5 phases

Team mint — team and treasury

OG Farmer — OG roles for Honest Farmer Club NFT holders; Max 5 mints per wallet

OG Lil Pass — 2 guaranteed free mints

Whitelist — Max 5 mints per wallet

Public — Max 5 mints per wallet

What is the supply of the NFTs?

5,999 uniquely generated NFTs

How much is the mint price?

WL - 0.022 ETH | Public - 0.029 ETH

When is the mint date?

OG Lil Pass - March 21, 10pm UTC | Whitelist - March 22, 1am UTC | Public - March 22, 5am UTC